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Art By Andy Goodfellow



'Woodfiring is an aesthetic choice a technique that opens itself up to accepting flawed things of beauty and often the beauty resides in the flaw itself, the 'ugly' accident around which the controlled idea of the pot gathers itself and becomes unique'

Rye,O, Woodfire 92 Anagama - The Art Of Uncertainty

Andrew Goodfellow was born into a world of ceramics, growing up in the industrialised area of 'The Potteries', Stoke-on-Trent, England. Large manufacturers of ceramics were commonplace with companies Wedgwood, Spode and Minton being household names and major employers. This area of long standing industrialisation is scarred by humankind's development and it is memories of this environment that frequently occur in Goodfellow's work giving him new direction and creative thought. 'The Potteries' at its peak had hundreds of bottleneck kilns firing at any one time, blacking out the sun and covering everything with a grey gloom and dust. Memories were of a dark and mysterious place whereby Goodfellow would pass on his way to visit relatives. An area of coal mines, hot furnaces, slag heaps and venting gases lighting the sky at night. The journey home being a welcome sight of green hills and countryside.

Goodfellow arrived in Sydney in 1990, working as a computer specialist. Pursuing creative talents, an Art Diploma [Ceramics] & State Medal for Outstanding Performance was obtained from the NSW National Art School, East Sydney. Wishing to leave the 'smoke' behind Goodfellow headed for Tasmania.

During 1995, Goodfellow was fascinated by the beauty of the island and decided to settle. Working from studio's outside Deloraine and Launceston, Goodfellow supplied local, interstate retail outlets and attended the annual Tasmanian Craft Fair during 1996, 1997 & 1998.

Initially using the woodfired vessel as a means of expression, later works referenced memories of the Mediterranean and the Tasman sea, with the inclusion of animal and vegetation design in the theme.

Goodfellow became interested in the art of ceramic restoration after a mishap, in which a much loved artwork was damaged. During a visit to England he enrolled in suitable training. On certification returning to the isle he loved and diversified his business into the restoration profession. Leaving the island of Tasmania in 2001 Andrew Goodfellow is now located in Northern NSW running a successful restoration business.


Add distinction to your home and work environments by incorporating the beautiful ceramics of Andy Goodfellow. Providing a rich source for personalising your setting, these original designs enliven special surroundings and occasions. Works are unique by way of design or finish. Creating a collectable and desired range of lasting quality ceramics for the connoisseur of quality art.

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Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow
Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow
Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow
Ceramic Art By Andy Goodfellow
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Ceramic Art - Andy Goodfellow

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