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The Blue Tongue Studio is the world's first to offer Online Assessment for your damaged objects. Why?

        • Importantly You Asked Us For The Service
        • You Have No Restorer In Your Area / Country
        • You Live In  Remote Area
        • You Requested To Know If It Could Be Restored
        • Don't Waste Time & Money Packing & Posting If It's Not Restorable!

Well now we have your problem solved! All you do is simply send us digital images of the damaged object. We will let you know if it can be restored and supply you with an estimated cost of restoration based on an assessment of the images and information. 

Fill out the neccessary required information Online Assessment Form

Sample Online Assessment Form [PDF]

Please note that ALL objects for restoration in our studio will require an assessment before repairs can be started!  Choose either Online or InTheStudio 

Sample  Online Assessment Estimate [PDF]  from the studio.

Before sending us your assessment request make sure you understand our Restoration Terms & Conditions [PDF]

Australian clients whom choose the Online Assessment option also have the choice of forwarding a cheque for AUD $47.00 if online transactions do not suit. Please state this is your chosen payment method in your email, along with sending us your object images! Once we receive your cheque and it has cleared we will assess your object's images and email you back the Online Assessment Estimate.

- Please Note : This service is currently disabled -

Here to email the studio with your completed Online Assessment Form and images. 

IMPORTANT - Please resize your images to no more than 200k in size for each image. [Max of  four images]

Once your payment is confirmed we will notify you of the estimated cost for restoration & repair. Your Online Assessment will be emailed back to you. The Benefits of the Online Assessment will allow you to be aware of
  • Whether The Object Is Restorable Or Not.
  • Estimated Cost Of Restoration.
  • When The Studio Can Accept The Object For Restoration.
  • A Brief Detailed Explanation Of What The Restoration Process Includes.

Why waste time and money packing, posting or even searching out a restorer and delivering your object!
All you have to do now is take a few digital pictures! All To Easy!
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