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The studio is a clean environment with air extraction and 'colour correcting' lighting. The latest methods, materials and equipment are used ensuring a professional service. The studio sources conservation restoration materials from Australia and overseas where applicable.

Personnel at the studio are Fully Trained and [UK] qualified in the Profession Of Porcelain & China Restoration. A qualified ceramicist is present.

The studio uses the AICCM [Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials] and UKIC [United Kingdom Institute of Conservation] for sources of up to date information.

Occupational Health & Safety regulations are strongly adhered to in the studio due to the hazardous nature of the materials in use.


Conservation & Restoration work: 

  • Is Labour Intensive
  • Is Time Consuming - Repair Work Is Slow And Detailed
  • Utilises Specialised Equipment
  • Uses Materials Which Are Expensive
  • Takes Years Of Training And Experience To Become Skilled In This Profession. 

Only the client can value the object for the history, culture and personal associations it represents.

  • The object must be of sufficient value, sentimental or otherwise, for it to warrant the expense of restoration.
  • The value of an object does in no way change the time taken for the repair.
  • Expect to pay no less than you would for other professional, or specialised services.
Sometimes extra work can appear as work progresses, the client is always informed where this is the case. Where repair work is forecast to be costly, slow and lengthy a deposit of 50% will be asked for.

Minimum Restoration Cost Per Object AUD $377.00
InStudio Assessment 
[Covers all unpacking time : assessment : trial test of suitable materials : repacking]
AUD $87.00
OnLine Assessment AUD $47.00
All assessed / restored objects will have return post applied.

Necessary information to include with your object for assessment are found HERE

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InStudio Assessment ONLY $87.00
Online Assessment


Payment is due on receipt of the restored object by COD unless payment has been made prior to dispatch. 

Although extreme care is taken, all objects are left at the client's risk. The client should arrange insurance provision. We will provide the utmost care for the safety and security of objects whilst in our possession.


The Blue Tongue Studio has a strict policy for handling clients information. The information you provide to the studio is confidential and kept under secure conditions. We will only discuss the restoration of objects when we have client ID verification.


The Blue Tongue Studio was initially started in the town of Launceston during 1998 in Tasmania. The business moved to the Mid North Coast of NSW in late 2002. 

The studio restores objects from all over the world with 99% of objects being received by post. The Blue Tongue Studio is managed by a Mr. Andrew Goodfellow, a professional restorer from England. Qualified in the art of conservation & restoration Mr. Goodfellow holds a Diploma Of Fine Arts In Ceramics, highlighted by the NSW TAFE State Medal. 

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